Emergent is researching and developing advancements to visualization and user experience technologies to support space mission development, including but not limited to flight and ground software development.

We maintain the open source OpenFrames visualization engine, which is designed to provide a simple API for high performance visualizations for space science and engineering applications.

OpenFrames drives the Vista visualization for Ascent and has been adopted by NASA's GMAT (GSFC) and Copernicus (JSC) mission design tools. OpenFrames enables intuitive interaction with trajectory data to perform otherwise complex tasks such as orbit design more easily.

OpenFrames provides scalable point cloud visualization and enables visualization in virtual reality. Goddard Space Flight Center has integrated OpenFrames into their PointCloudsVR tool and it has enabled the discovery of new star groups.

Emergent is also using the latest UX frameworks to develop scalable responsive engineering tools, like Summit our advanced CI/CD system.