DASHER SpaceApp Suite

We are developing a SpaceApp suite called Distributed Automation Suite for Heuristic Execution and Response (DASHER). DASHER extends the current state of the art in distributed onboard automation for spacecraft flight software. DASHER uses three key SpaceApps: Mission Manager, Execution Manager, and Timeline Manager. Every DASHER spacecraft employs Execution Manager and Timeline Manager to determine the spacecraft state and respond to received messages. One spacecraft in the fleet also executes Mission Manager, which coordinates activities across all platforms.

  • Mission Manager is focused on coordinating the mission plan across a cluster of Space Vehicles (SVs). Mission Manager is also the interface between ground applications, such as planners, and the autonomous system. Plans, uploaded from the ground, tell Mission Manager how to interpret telemetry across multiple SVs to determine what operational plans each SV should focus on. The mission plan is a heuristic rule set that reduces the need for direct ground control
  • Execution Manager is focused on executing the plan activated by Mission Manager for a single SV. The plan tells Execution Manager how to determine SV operational state, and, based on that state, which planned task sequence the SV should execute. Execution Manager sends the selected task sequence to Timeline Manager for scheduling. The SV plan is a heuristic rule set that that automates SV responses to received messages.
  • Timeline Manager is focused on scheduling tasks categorized by time, priority, and SV resources. It receives task sequences from Execution Manager. It then schedules them, by priority, to fit within their time box. Timeline Manager ensures tasks that need the same SV resources are scheduled according to their priority
  • Other SpaceApps and SpaceApp suites can be used to provide complex state assessments that feed into the DASHER system. For example, SAFIR is an existing Emergent SpaceApp suite that can evaluate complex error and recovery states. Other relevant Emergent SpaceApps, still at conceptual stages, include a tokenized logic scripting engine, and a game theory engine

DASHER Timeline Manager was demonstrated as part of a government satellite program in early 2020, simulated in Emergent’s ASCENT environment.

DASHER was demonstrated for a NASA lunar rendezvous scenario in late 2020, simulated in Emergent’s ASCENT environment.

DASHER Timeline Manager is slated to fly on an orbital mission as part of a government satellite program in early 2021.

DASHER has been proposed for multiple orbital missions for government satellite programs.

DASHER is sponsored by NASA GSFC via STTR, and by other government agencies.

We are working on DASHER with our STTR partners the University of Pittsburg and the National Science Foundation’s Center for Space, High-Performance, and Resilient Computing (SHREC).