SUMMIT is our testing framework for the verification and validation of software stacks: full regression testing beyond standard CI/CD pipelines, define and test mission scenarios of any complexity, and web-based user interface for visualizations of test data.

Command Line Tool

Scenarios can be run and tested via CLI. Comes with built-in resource management and parallelization capabilities. Ability to track scenario meta data and archive data to a persisting database.

Web Interface

Use our responsive user interface and live display of scenario statuses to interact with results. Plugin support is available for advanced scenarios with additional data.


Seamless integration with existing test suites and external chat clients (e.g. Slack or Mattermost). Friendly framework for developing plugins for specific scenario types.

ASCENT Integration

Ability to log telemetry and states data in real time with data analysis from all simulations. Available support for additional plots from web interface such as orbit visualizations, ground tracks, and more.