Message Bridge Service


GMSEC-JMS Message Bridge Service

The goal of the GMSEC-JMS Message Bridge Service (MBS) project is to demonstrate the electronic sharing of data between multiple software systems with different architectures to better enable Warfighter Tasking. This is in contrast to manually transferring data products such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Word documents via high latency means such as email or FTP, which may require phone calls to operators, manual data entry, etc. Time-critical data should be made available instantly 100% of the time when the proper security credentials are supplied.

A Warfighter will make better-informed decisions when more data is available to them in a timelier manner, (i.e. cloud cover, satellite positions, Intel, etc.) which can significantly impact battle outcomes and soldier safety. MBS is a data format and protocol bridge service to connect the JMS with other system architectures.

Benefits to be gained from a GMSEC-JMS Bridge include: enabling of real-time flow of satellite information from the 50SW to JSpOC, as the 50SW is also looking at adopting the GMSEC architecture; real-time awareness of MMSOC and JSpOC assets between both organization; ability to more rapidly interface with other DoD organizations; and enhanced readiness to adopt future technologies, including cyber security

A major selling point of the MBS design is its ability to rapidly integrate new architectures in the future. MBS can be deployed to multiple DoD and intelligence government organizations with architectures other than web services or GMSEC, such as MDA, NGA, and NRO.