Ground Enterprise Management System


The Ground Enterprise Management System (GEMS) provides users with situational awareness of a ground system and understanding for how events and automated actions affect the system inreal‑time.  GEMS includes features for designing and developing a mission operations center, as well as operating and managing mission operations in an enterprise environment.  GEMS enables situational awareness in a spacecraft ground system via data-driven display technology where users construct custom displays using a drag-and-drop display builder.  GEMS is designed to integrate with existing architectures, i.e. Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), GSFC Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC), Advanced Multi-Mission Operations System (AMMOS), and other message-oriented middleware.


GEMS contains multiple features to enable SA, including data driven displays with a drag-and—drop display builder, the services control panel to start, stop, and monitor ground system components, the process monitor to view the output and status of system processes in a centralized location, the event monitor allows users to view all current, past, and future activities to be monitored, and the action items interface alerts users of failures, tasks, or other important information that must be attended to.  All features collectively allow a user to gain exceptional oversight into their ground system.


GEMS is a 100% service-oriented architecture (SOA) built using open Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) standards.  It integrates with standard architecture frameworks, including the GSFC Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) and the Advanced Multi-Mission Operations System (AMMOS).  What sets GEMS apart from other SOA monitoring solutions is its capability to monitor legacy systems, such as standalone scripts that simply print log messages to a systems standard output.  Interfaces are also available for desktop clients, web browsers, mobile devices, and command line clients.


Managing an enterprise extends far beyond monitoring capabilities.  GEMS has a focus on working with standards-based architectures to manage interfacing with disparate data sources and protocols.  GEMS will allow system administrators to centrally manage software installations for the entire operations center from the software manager.  There is also a message recorder that can record and playback system message traffic from all connected software interfaces.