Feds & Asist


Emergent supports the development, sustainment, and operations support of the Front End Data System (FEDS) and Advanced System for Integration and Spacecraft Test (ASIST) products at NASA GSFC under the Software Engineering Services (SES) II contract. Both products are used heavily to support all phases of the mission, including concept development in Phase A prototyping, Integration and Test (I&T), and mission operations.


FEDS is the product used for managing connections to multiple ground stations, electrical ground support equipment (EGSE), and science operations centers. FEDS strongly supports most of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) standards for space communications that are widely accepted and used in the space industry. FEDS supports both frame and packet processing has archiving and playback capabilities. It can interface with multiple telemetry and command (T&C) systems, including ASIST.


The NASA ground stations that FEDS has full support for include:



ASIST is a full-featured T&C system that has a long heritage of missions at NASA GSFC. MMS, GPM, GEDI, WFIRST, and RESTORE-L are just a few of the current projects that the Emergent team supports. ASIST has the following capabilities:

  • Define telemetry and command databases used by all product features
  • Telemetry and command database browser
  • Construct customized display pages with a page builder
  • Write and execute procedures in the System Test & Operations Language (STOL)
  • Decommutation engine processes packets and pseudo telemetry using equations and STOL syntax
  • Can be arranged in configurations supporting multiple workstations
  • GMSEC-Compliant with support for directives and mnemonic value telemetry data messages
  • Built-in support for FEDS control, data-distribution, and archive playbacks