ASCENT is our powerful modeling, simulation, and analysis tool for space mission development. It provides a high-fidelity, physics-based simulation environment for advanced flight and ground software development for all phases of the mission lifecycle, including rich 2D/3D visualizations with OpenFrames and Virtual Reality support.


Simulate single and multi-spacecraft missions with software, processor, and hardware in-the-loop support. Integrate with external bus and payload emulators using our scalable message bus and API.

Portable Solution

Use pre-built environment for any OS via Docker. Spin up ready-to-run multi-spacecraft simulations with API for access to high-fidelity spacecraft data with support for cloud-based deployment.


Generate mission scenarios via Python API. Simulate spacecraft constellations, formations, and clusters with possible integration with external models and flight software applications.

High-Fidelity Models

All simulated mission scenarios use high-fidelity NASA-validated physics models. Choose between two-body or three-body dynamics and force models. Create complex spacecraft by introducing modeled subsystems and payload packages.