Alert Notification System Router


The Alert Notification System Router (ANSR) was developed by Emergent to notify and page satellite operators in the case of unexpected satellite conditions. This benefits mission operations centers that are consolidating or reducing staff, by introducing automation and oversight of ground supports. Sponsored by NASA-GSFC, ANSR was designed to easily integrate with ground systems using the Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) standards. Using this architecture allows ANSR to leverage 3rd party monitoring software and provide support for multiple satellites within the same facility.


  • Tracks acknowledgements of pages
  • Supports call trees and call escalation
  • Provides a fully redundant and reliable architecture
  • Supports email, paging, short-message services, and pop-up windows
  • Developed in Java for platform independence
  • Capable of operating in a closed networking environment
  • GMSEC-Compliant


  • Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)
  • Small Mission Explorers (SMEX)
  • Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE)
  • Terra

To discuss how your federal agency or private company can access the myriad benefits that ANSR or GMSEC provides,

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