Mesh Networking

Discreet Intelligence Gathering System (DIGS)

DIGS is a self-healing mesh networking device capable of supporting missions requiring surveillance and computer communication capabilities.  The executive software searches for and selects the fastest route between nodes through a combination of Wi-Fi, powerline communications, and 900MHz radio. In the event that a node is neutralized, the executive software will automatically re-route network traffic across the DIGS network to provide uninterrupted transmission. This traffic direction makes the network resilient and resistant to compromised nodes. With power line communications the DIGS network is able to receive information from locations without radio signals.

When used as a surveillance device the DIGS node passively collects information through three sensor types. An Infrared sensor provides motion detection up to 7 meters away, and has customizable sensitivity, time delay, and trigger settings. It also has an omni directional microphone with noise cancellation capabilities that provide clean recordings. Lastly, it has a temperature and humidity sensor that helps to maintain device health. This data is then sent to a central database where it can be retrieved for further review.

When the DIGS network is used as a communications device it provides high speed file transfer across Wi-Fi and powerlines to support operational needs. By quickly transferring HUMINT, SIGINT, and IMINT through a closed network, Command can easily and accurately make decisions to achieve mission requirements.