Meet Emergent’s Outstanding 2019 Summer Interns

Kiara Alvarez

Kiara Alvarez is a rising Junior in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. She worked with the ICAROUS software on a Beagle Bone Black processor to achieve safe autonomy for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and demonstrated its capabilities onboard our quadcopters, Spock and Kirk. When Kiara is not working, she brings her drawings to life on paper as an artist. She is Ecuadorian American and she was born in Texas. Her favorite space mission is Voyager 1, the culmination of three decades of collaborated effort to study our solar system.




Sean Rice

Sean Rice is a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Washington. His dissertation research focuses convex optimization for platform control and motion planning. Sean created a modular core flight software (cFS) control system application to be used in current and future company projects. This includes the necessary communication and simulation software infrastructure. When Sean is not working, he is showing off his moves with West Coast swing dancing, and he has visited 31 out of 61 national parks in the United States. His favorite space mission is the Voyager program, two space probes launched to study the outer solar system and beyond.




Liam Quinn

Liam Quinn is a graduate in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University. He worked on implementing an attitude controller within Emergent’s Cluster Flight satellite simulations using models in NASA’s Trick to simulate various satellite properties. He is also consulting with EXOS Aerospace to help solve critical flight software issues. When Liam is not working, he is hiking throughout the Austin Hill Country and is an expert on The Office trivia. His favorite space mission is Apollo 14, the second to last Apollo mission to land on the moon.




Linus Gibson

Linus Gibson is a rising sophomore in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He worked with the ICAROUS software on the Beagle Bone Black processor to enable a drone to autonomously follow mission plans. When Linus is not working, he enjoys competitive gaming and watching streams on His favorite space mission is the Apollo series, of which four (Apollo 11,12,14 and 17) landed on the moon.




Sean Jones

Sean Jones is a rising junior in Computer Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Buffalo. He developed an environment that can emulate an ARM processor and run cFS executables with a malicious node application to carry out cybersecurity attacks on the flight software. When Sean is not working, he is lifting weights at the gym and cheering for his favorite NFL team, the Buffalo Bills. His favorite space mission is New Horizons.




Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes is a rising Junior in aerospace engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. He created a browser-based, Virtual Reality-capable application for viewing spacecraft trajectory data on an iPhone or computer. When Ryan is not working, he likes to ski and embraces school spirit by dressing up in a banana costume at the CU football and basketball games with his buddies. His favorite space mission is the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS), four spacecraft orbiting Earth to collect data on magnetic reconnection.




Isaac Springe

Isaac Springe is a rising Sophomore in aerospace engineering at the University of Maryland. He developed a JavaScript-based application that can create a visualization of multi-spacecraft missions, giving Emergent customers an easy way to experience our work in VR. When Isaac is not working, he is enjoying the outdoors as an avid rock climber. He also spent four years in the competitive acting scene. His favorite space mission is the soon-to-be launched James Web space telescope, a large space-based observatory optimized for infrared wavelengths to compliment and extend the discoveries of the Hubble space telescope.




Catherine de Lacoste-Azizi

Catherine de Lacoste-Azizi is a rising Junior with a joint major in physics and philosophy at Yale University. She worked on optimizing a simulation environment for facilitating the exposure of cybersecurity vulnerabilities message-based flight software. When Catherine is not working, she is singing in an acapella group at Yale and delivers a most sublime Kermit the Frog impression. Her favorite space mission is the Kepler project, a retired NASA space telescope that discovered a variety of exoplanets, or Earth-sized planets orbiting other stars.




Tyler Bamford

Tyler Bamford is a rising Junior in video game design at the University of Utah. He worked on the use of Machine Learning for spacecraft anomaly detection, coding a neural network that ingests a set of telemetry data points and after training predicts whether or not future telemetry points are anomalous. When Tyler is not working, he is playing video games or coding games that he designed himself. He also participates in the University of Utah’s collegiate marching band, where he plays the trumpet. His favorite space mission is Restore-L, a robotic spacecraft that can refuel a live satellite.




Graham Davis

Graham Davis is a Senior in International Business, with a minor in German, at Towson University. He focused on expanding Emergent’s marketing and advertising efforts, including the use of social media, conferences and trade shows and direct email. He developed a marketing budget for the next couple years and wrote articles on recent Emergent contract awards. When Graham is not working, he spends time making music and playing pick-up basketball. His favorite space mission is Voyager, humanity’s combined effort to seek out intelligent life by sending a spacecraft into deep outer space.





Kieran Davis

Kieran Davis will be a Freshman in Finance, with a minor in sustainable business practices, at Northeastern University. She supported a number of management tasks, including phase-in activities for the acquisition of employees that could come from an award for the FDSS III contract at NASA GSFC. When Kieran is not working, she likes reading, watching Netflix and attending theater shows at the Hippodrome in Baltimore and the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Her favorite space mission is OSIRIS-Rex, the first U.S. asteroid study and sample-return mission.