GSMO 2 – TaaS

Project Overview

The Ground Systems and Mission Operations 2 contract is housed under Code 400 Flight Projects Directorate NASA Goddard. The task is to design and develop flight mission and Space Science Mission Operations (SSMO) organization support tools using Telemetry as a Service (TaaS).

TaaS – Telemetry as a Service

  • Warehouse of non-science data (telemetry, tracking, and orbital events)

  • Common interface to data retrieval (UI and API) and output formats (cvs, mat, hdf5)

  • Growing data format support – packets CCSDS, Fermi SMEX encapsulation, Fermi AOS, CCSDS frames, FEDS frames, column separated text

  • Growing statistical support (min, max, Mean, Std Dev, Variance Count)

  • Growing graphical reporting (ad-hoc and scheduled)

  • Growing cloud drive support

  • Growing mission support

Key Takeaways

TaaS is the growing non-scientific data warehouse that missions managed by SSMO generate tools that enable a single analyst to look at multiple missions in a transparent and consistent way, taking advantage of a growing number of features being built into the interface. Analysts report on the health of the spacecraft now and how it is trending, a core element of the SSMO mandate.

The use of various technologies including cloud-based deployment, local development via Docker, use of Bash, Perl, Python, Node.js, Angular, Nginx, C++, GnuPlot, VSCode, Amazon, Linux Images, Google Protocol Bufers, etc., and best engineering collaboration practices using JIRA, GitHub, and Confluence.