Emergent Partners with KBR on ISRDS-3 Subcontract

Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. (Emergent) was awarded a subcontract by KBR to support intelligent systems research and development at NASA’s Ames Research Center (ARC) in Silicon Valley. KBR was recently awarded an eight-year contract by ARC to provide support services to its Intelligent Systems Division.

KBR will provide resources and technical expertise to support the Intelligent Systems Division on scientific research, technologies and applications development. The company’s work will assist the division with a variety of research domains and the infusion of advanced information systems technology on NASA missions and other projects within the federal government.

Emergent, as a subcontractor to KBR, will provide communication network technologies, cluster flight and relative navigation algorithms, and autonomous operations software in support of NASA ARC satellite missions and other projects.

“Emergent is pleased to continue our support to KBR and NASA on this important contract. We are excited to offer our expertise in flight software development and relative navigation for swarm technologies in support of NASA’s missions,” commented Jaime Kline, Emergent’s Director of Technical Services.

“We have worked with NASA Ames Research Center going back to the seminal System F6 program. We are proud to continue supporting KBR and ARC in the development of flight software for cutting-edge small satellite missions and programs,” said Dr. George Davis, Emergent’s CEO.

Emergent’s CFAS and SAFIR flight software will be used to provide autonomous navigation, maneuvering, and fault detection capabilities to the NASA Starling Mission.