Emergent offers Space Vehicle (SV) Flight Software (FSW) and Ground Software (GSW) Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products.

  • Our FSW infrastructure works like a smartphone allowing Apps to be electronically loaded and managed before and after launch.

  • Our ecosystem of FSW Apps offers navigation, station keeping, formation flying, fault detection and recovery, space cloud computing, cybersecurity, and autonomous mission orchestration. We fully support third-party App development with our Software Developers’ Kit (SDK).

  • Our GSW offers high-fidelity Modeling & Simulation (M&S) as well as automated build and test.

Sourcing our proven cutting-edge software technology will make you and your project a success.


  1. Gear provides a FSW infrastructure and integration framework that runs Emergent and third-party Apps, supporting them with essential services​. Gear SDK enables algorithm experts to rapidly deliver their capabilities as SV FSW Apps.

  2. Autopilot provides autonomous station keeping and cluster formation flight.

  3. Commander provides autonomous orchestration of FSW App enabled mission plans.

  4. Guardian provides customizable fault detection, isolation, and recovery (FDIR) for Guidance, Navigation, & Control (GN&C), sensors, and subsystems.

  5. Navigator provides real-time navigation via highly configurable Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) based on GPS pseudorange, relative range, and other sensor data​.

  6. Cirrus provides on-orbit cyber-secure cloud computing, storage, networking, and application cybersecurity features.

  7. Ascent high-fidelity, physics-based, multi-space vehicle M&S system.​

  8. Summit continuous software integration, automated test, and deployment.