Emergent Deploys Flight Software on the SDA’s POET Mission

Laurel, MD, April 4, 2022 – Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. (Emergent), a small business leader providing advanced software solutions for civil, military, and commercial space missions, has deployed its space flight software on the Prototype On-Orbit Experimental Testbed (POET) experiment for the Space Development Agency (SDA) led by prime contractor Scientific Systems Company, Inc. (SSCI). On POET, Emergent provides flight software for task, payload, bus, and telemetry management. Task schedule execution is the basis of Emergent’s Commander product, while the payload, bus, and telemetry management technologies are foundations for Emergent’s Gear and Gear SDK products, exhibiting Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program commercialization successes.

Dr. Owen Brown, Vice President of Solutions Development at SSCI, states, “From P-LEO BMC3, to beyond-line-of-sight target processing, and highly responsive Tactical-ISR, the POET platform now circling the Earth can be used to demonstrate a variety of new capabilities for the National Defense Space Architecture. With an expected five-year lifetime on this satellite and the ability to upload new mission software at any time, we have a precious resource available for critical space and multidomain tests of innovative technologies and demonstrations of disruptive CONOPS”.

Dr. Raman Mehra, President and CEO of SSCI, continues, “The launch and initial operation of our on-orbit testbed represents a giant leap – a Moonshot – for our company. We are proud to be contributing to SDA’s mission and, as a small business, we are excited to bring them innovative technologies for the immediate needs of their new architecture. We also thank our teammates who have been critical to the success of this effort to date Loft Orbital, Orbit Logic, Emergent Space Technologies, Innoflight, Leaf Labs, Oxford Systems, Kitware, and Raytheon BBN.”

Dr. George Davis, Founding President and CEO of Emergent, adds, “Emergent is proud to provide our flight software products as key enablers of the POET mission and SSCI’s ‘Moonshot’ delivery.

About Emergent Space Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2001 and based in Laurel, MD, Emergent Space Technologies Inc. is a Small Business that researches, develops, integrates, and tests advanced systems and software solutions for civil, military, and commercial space missions. We are industry leaders offering commercial-off-the-shelf flight and ground test software with integration, verification, and validation services for multi-spacecraft missions, including constellations, formations, and clusters of space vehicles.

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Graham Davis: [email protected]

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About Scientific Systems Company, Inc.

Founded in 1990 and based in Woburn, MA, Scientific Systems Company Inc. (SSCI) invents disruptive technologies, develops revolutionary solutions, and builds trusted products for their customers’ most challenging missions. SSCI focuses on the creation of AI/ML enabled capabilities to command, control, communicate with, and manage composable collections of intelligent agents, smart sensors, and autonomous platforms across all domains.