Emergent Awarded Subcontract on EISOC at NASA JPL

Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. Awarded Subcontract on EISOC at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. was awarded a subcontract on the Engineering, Implementation, Science, Operations, and Communications (EISOC) by Raytheon Company to support NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) on groundbreaking space missions. JPL uses EISOC to develop new space systems and flight software, and provide engineering, training, and operations support, under a five-year $150 million contract. Raytheon provides support for flight software, global navigation satellite system support, software development for ground data systems, operations of ground data systems, systems engineering & IT, software and systems engineering for classified programs, and end user support.
Emergent, as a subcontractor teammate to Raytheon, will perform flight software design, development, integration and test, including guidance navigation, and control algorithms, as requested by Raytheon and JPL. “It is an exciting time in the aerospace industry!” commented Jaime Kline, Emergent’s Director of Technical Services. “We are proud to support Raytheon and JPL to contribute to JPL’s groundbreaking discoveries in our solar system and beyond!”