Emergent is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce to include people of all ethnicities, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and perspectives. In early 2020, women at Emergent, with the support of Emergent management, began taking steps to increase diversity within Emergent and within the aerospace and defense industry. The Emergent Committee Leading Inclusion of People in Space and Defense (ECLIPSD) was formed to create and foster a supportive and inclusive workplace for under-represented groups at Emergent. We believe that the aerospace industry can achieve its best with a diverse and inclusive workforce, but we need to take steps to make that happen.

ECLIPSD is designed to be a forum for the women and under-represented populations of Emergent to connect, communicate, and encourage each other’s growth. It is important to foster diversity when hiring, but it is just as important to create an inclusive environment where all employees are empowered to voice their differences in opinions and perspectives. Inclusion begets retention, which is necessary for diversity to grow.

So far, ECLIPSD has hosted a company-wide DE&I book-club and various virtual networking events among the women employees, including a candle making event with a local POC and women owned business. While ECLIPSD is predominantly a professional networking group, we support employees as more than just a job title, recognizing that equity can only be achieved by viewing the person as a whole.  ECLIPSD provides a space to give both career advice and support from Emergent employees who have had similar experiences.  We aim to amplify the voices of under-represented groups within the company and provide a safe space where concerns can be addressed.

ECLIPSD has been working to advise Emergent’s executive committee on actionable items to improve DE&I in the hiring process and within the company. Emergent is excited to attend the 2022 Austin Pride Parade, and to work with current employees to showcase some of the awesome community organizations that we support.  Emergent is  committed to continually evaluate and improve our commitment to be a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and accessible aerospace software company. Stay tuned for ECLIPSD updates and events!