Emergent has extensive knowledge and experience in satellite geodesy. We have experts in precise orbit determination (POD) algorithms, tools and techniques for Earth, lunar and interplanetary space missions, derived from missions such as GEDI, ICESat-2, GRAIL and OSIRIS-REx. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in geodetic parameter estimation and gravity field determination; applications of satellite radar, laser and lidar altimetry; and reconstruction of aircraft trajectories from combined GPS/IMU data. We are expert users of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Code 61A’s workhorse GEODYN orbit determination and parameter estimation tool for which we have provided software design, development, test and maintenance for over 7 years. We are also experts in the use of radiometric observables from Global Navigation Satellite Systems such as GPS, GLONASS and Galileo for satellite POD and aircraft geolocation. We have an extensive history in the pre-flight systems engineering, analysis and testing of GPS receivers for Earth observation missions such as VCL, EO-1, GOES-R, GPM, ICESat-2, GEDI and LVIS.