Emergent designs, develops and tests Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) systems for civil, commercial and military space missions. Emergent is currently supporting the development of GN&C systems for a variety of missions including DARPA System F6, NASA Orion Multi-purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV), NOAA Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - R (GOES-R), and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (SSCO). Emergent has experience and subject matter expertise in:

  • Navigation
  • Orbit Determination
  • Attitude Determination and Control
  • GPS in LEO, HEO and GEO orbits
  • Rendezvous, Proximity Operations, and Docking
  • GNC Algorithms, Sensors, and Actuators
  • Guidance and Targeting