Cyber Security

The space domain, once an isolated and virtually unreachable target, protected by obscure systems and protocols, has suddenly become directly accessible and vulnerable to malicious actors by the use of inexpensive equipment and techniques. Space system developers must understand these threats if they are to counter them and maintain the viability of their deployed systems.

The US and the global economy, as well as the security of many nations, rests upon the security of space systems to an ever-greater degree. Consequently, the potential impact of cyber vulnerabilities similarly expands constantly and rapidly. This dependency also creates an incentive for malicious actors to target space assets, concurrently accelerating the threat. US intelligence reports have recently confirmed the proliferation of weapons programs, including cyber, targeting space systems within the militaries and intelligence services of rogue nations. It is, therefore, time to make these threats a serious focus of your system designs and operations. Consider partnering with Emergent Space Technologies, a pioneer in the development of space systems which counter these threats. Consider partnering with Emergent and learn more about:

  • Securing Command Up-Links
  • Securing Product Down-Links
  • Deploying Assured Blockchain
  • Denying Service Surveillance
  • Preventing Service Hijacking
  • Stopping Command Injection
  • Mitigating Software Vulnerabilities
  • Attack Detection
  • Attack Mitigation
  • Mitigating Proximity Attacks
  • Fighting Through GPS Attacks
  • Mitigating Directed Energy Cyber
  • Hardware/Firmware Security
  • Spacecraft INTERNAL Security
  • Flight Dynamics Security
  • Secure Languages
  • Secure Processors
  • Secure Media
  • Securing Crypto Modules