Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. is a Small Business that researches, develops, integrates, and tests advanced systems and software solutions for civil, military and commercial space missions. We are industry leaders in the development of flight software for multi-spacecraft missions, including constellations, formations and clusters of small satellites. Our core competencies are systems engineering, integration and test; guidance, navigation and control; orbital mechanics; positioning, navigation and timing; advanced modeling and simulation; and SW architecture, design, development and test. Our domain expertise and experience, combined with our knowledge of current and emerging technology, make Emergent the small business team of choice in the aerospace industry.


Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2001 with the goal of bringing modern information technology to the aerospace industry. Our objective was to combine knowledge of emerging technologies from the Internet, web development, and e-commerce industries with our broad and deep space mission engineering experience to enable autonomous spacecraft missions. The initial market for our services and technology was to be created by NASA's satellite formation and constellation missions.

As their launch dates moved further out, however, we trained our sights on rendezvous, proximity operations, and cislunar navigation for NASA's exploration and science missions. As we grew, we broadened our customer base to include other civil, commercial, and military customers, including DARPA, the U.S. Space Force and the Space Development Agency. Along the way, Emergent has experienced sustained growth while achieving a high level of customer success and employee satisfaction.

Improving Your World One System At A Time

At Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. our engineers are committed to developing innovative systems and solutions to improve the world in which we live. Through our breadth and depth of aerospace and information system engineering experience we thrive on developing synergistic solutions to challenging problems that benefit humans here on Earth and as they explore vast frontiers beyond.


Our vision is to build a technology and engineering services firm that is widely regarded for its technical acuity, its breadth of knowledge and its innovation in providing solutions for our customers. We embrace technology and seek its application to challenging problems in the aerospace industry, focusing on advanced space missions such as autonomous clusters, formations and constellations of small spacecraft and cislunar and deep space exploration, awareness and security. In doing so, we combine our deep understanding of spacecraft GN&C; PNT; ground and flight software development; and high-fidelity modeling and simulation with practical mission experience in LEO, GEO and HEO.


Our mission is to deliver high impact, high value solutions to our customers through our intellectual prowess and our understanding of space and information technology. With over 60% of our employees having an advanced degree, we focus on tough problems, where theory meets mission application.


Emergent truly values its customers, and is dedicated to getting the job done. When we say we will do something, we do it. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Emergent also values its employees. We are committed to providing a challenging and stimulating work environment that promotes and facilitates teamwork, yet also advances individual learning and growth. We provide a work environment that is conducive to a high level of customer success and corporate achievement, but within a fun and low-key atmosphere that leads to employee satisfaction and minimizes turnover. These commitments to our customers and our employees result from our core values of integrity, respect, and accountability.