Emergent Visualization Capabilities

Emergent has the expertise, software, and services to meet a wide variety of 3D visualization needs for scientific and engineering applicationsWe used the OpenFrames 3D interactive visualization API to implement advanced visualizations for multiple NASA and DOD projects. Our visualization-related core competencies include: 

  • Visualizing spacecraft trajectories and mission design scenarios 
  • Adding visualizations to existing or new analysis and operations software 
  • Using Virtual Reality (VR) for immersive visualizations 
  • Visualizing data that is generated in real time 
  • Visualizing massive point cloud datasets (billions of points) 

Our visualizations can be seen in several scientific and engineering applications, including: 

  • The Copernicus Trajectory Design and Optimization System: We provide visualization development, integration, and testing support for the OpenFrames-based visualizations within Copernicus. 
  • The General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT): We developed the OpenFramesInterface plugin for GMAT, which uses OpenFrames to provide state-of-the-art visualization capabilities. 
  • PointCloudsVRThis tool, which was created by NASA and uses the VR capabilities that we added to OpenFrames, enabled scientists to discover never-before-seen star groups. 
  • Avatar VR: We developed Avatar to showcase our ability to collect, transmit, process, and visualize point cloud data in real time using a VR-driven visualization. 
  • OSIRIS-REx Survey Phase: A simulation of the survey phase of NASA’s currently-operating OSIRIS-REx mission. This was created in GMAT using the OpenFramesInterface, and showcases precision animation and time control.