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Cubequest Challenge



Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. is a partner in the Ragnarok Industries led team for the NASA Lunar CubeQuest Centennial Challenge. Emergent is providing the mission design and flight dynamics support for the 6-U CubeSat mission named Heimdallr. CubequestChallengeLogo
If selected, Heimdallr will fly as a secondary payload on NASA’s Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) mission in 2018 and use an onboard low-thrust propulsion system to transfer to a stable lunar orbit after disposal from NASA’s new launch vehicle, the Space Launch System. A sample Emergent-designed transfer trajectory from an EM-1 disposal orbit to a stable lunar orbit using a 1 milli-Newton thrust propulsion system is shown to the right, in the Sun-Earth rotating coordinate frame.  CubesatImage1
Emergent is also analyzing various orbit determination strategies, one of which is the use of one-way Doppler measurements from selected ground stations. The figure on the right shows convergence of the range rate bias estimate after disposal using such an orbit determination strategy. Emergent is utilizing advanced nonlinear techniques such as unscented transformation in the development of the delta-V budget. CubesatImage2

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