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About Us



Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. provides consulting and engineering services to the civil, commercial, and military space industry around our core competencies of spacecraft guidance, navigation and control, satellite ground systems, and space mission automation. Our domain expertise and experience, combined with our knowledge of current and emerging technology, make Emergent the small business team of choice in the aerospace industry.


Emergent was founded to bring modern information technology to the aerospace industry. We have since expanded our focus to develop a wider range of space and ground system solutions.
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Executive Team

Meet the Emergent executive team and learn about their professional and academic backgrounds.
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Improving Your World One System at a Time

At Emergent Space Technologies, Inc. our engineers are committed to developing innovative systems and solutions to improve the world in which we live. Through our breadth and depth of aerospace and information system engineering experience we thrive on developing synergistic solutions to challenging problems that benefit humans here on Earth and as they explore vast frontiers beyond.